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The Rose Family Association is not for one particular family of Rose; it includes records for Roses who lived nationwide. This website is not intended to cover all the material in possession of the Rose Family Association, for that material is far too voluminous. The Association has vast records - the website only represents a very minute fraction of the collection. Inquire to the Association with details of your family. Include name of the earliest known Rose, dates (or approximate dates), and locations where they lived. Every effort will be made to try to assist. No charge for answering inqueries. If we have a book or a research report, we will quote and you decide whether to get it. If we don't, we'll try to at least provide some leads.

History of the Organization

The quarterly Rose Family Bulletin, published since 1966, and the Association Newsletter (published 1980-1999 and now combined with the Rose Family Bulletin) are full of Rosefamily information including wills, war files, biographies, census, marriages, photos, queries, war rosters, manuscript items, news items, obituaries, membership lists, lineages, etc. Editor is Christine Rose, CG, CGL, FASG, founder of the organization, together with Seymour T. Rose, Associate Editor. Over forty-five years has been devoted to researching the Rose families of the United States, all nationalities.

Records of the Association

The Association has hundreds of thousands of records and many photocopies of original documents including Bible records, pension files, wills, deeds, marriages, family records, etc. The information on this website only reflects a very few of the Rose records as it is not possible to list them all. Editors have personally researched in many courthouses, and make data available through Courthouse research reports. There is NO CHARGE for editors to look up information from the voluminous Rose items. If it is determined that there is a courthouse report or a family research report available on the family, a quote will be given adivising of the cost of the reports (which range from $12.00 to $20.00 depending upon the family). There is no obligation to purchase any report.

Rose Family Bulletin

This quarterly magazine has been published since 1966. It presently has 26 pages per issue, indexed each issue, and contains important items for Rose research such as marriages, census, biographies, estates, military files, queries, new members, lineages of members, photographs, Bible records, and more.

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Rose Feature

We will include a "Rose Feature" on the website – changing it periodically. The Rose features will include interesting Rose biographies. We also have available on this website the Rose Revolutionary Pension Index for Rose. Listing of Courthouse Reports. Other Rose items will be added; check back with us periodically.

Rose Family Reports

The Association has available over 200 compiled family reports. These reports usually cover 3-5 generations of the family (sometimes more), and include all the known information. they are not family sheets; they are compiled abstracts from such items as wills, deeds, civil records, census, military files, tombstones, federal land records, etc. Very often they include information obtained by editors from personal trips to the courthouses; also records from a variety of other sources, as well as records of descendants. The price of the reports usually range from $12.00 to $20.00, depending upon the size of the report. Let us know the family you seek, and we will advise you whether we have a report available. (No obligation!) Go to the itemized listing at Rose Family Reports.

Courthouse Reports

Editors have been to over 500 courthouses, and offer Courthouse research reports from many of them. These listings are now available on this website with a further description.


In addition to the quarterly publication, the Association has published two major Rose genealogies, six booklets on Rose, has available Rose Family Research Reports on many different Rose families, and Courthouse Research Reports of Rose records of Rose records. Other books are in progress.


ALL INQUIRIES ARE ANSWERED. Assistance and suggestions are given by mail after examining the huge collection if details are provided on the earliest known Rose of the querist's family. Contact the Association either by mail at 761 Villa Teresa Way, San Jose, CA 95123 or email When emailing directly to the Rose Family Association about a Rose, please include dates/approximate dates for the Rose in question, counties and states in which the family lived, names of brothers and sisters of the earliest known Rose if known, etc. This will assist us in finding the person requested. Also, please include your full name and U.S. postal address when emailing to the Association, as all inquiries are filed by addresses. This assists the Association in being able to keep track of the inquiries and responses.


The Association does not maintain a forum, but suggests the use of GenForum's Rose page at for posting of queries on Rose.



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